Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sky Whale Nickelodeon Games Download

Sky Whale Nickelodeon Games Download
Sky Whale Nickelodeon Games Download
Jump via the sky accumulating donuts to keep your narwhal up in the air! Use clouds as well as insane items to jump higher and further. Crazy combos will take your narwhal into deep space. And diving equipment will send him on an underwater experience. Gain coins to open amazing things, blasting your narwhal further than he's ever preceded!

  • Play the REAL video game from Nickelodeon's new show: GAME SHAKERS!
  • The more donuts you collect, the longer you jump with the sky!
  • Insane thing combos include boosts to your bounce like: DOUBLE MONEY MONKEY TOILET!
  • Pick up the special rainbow donut to cause the utmost SUGAR RUSH!
  • The even more you unlock the farther you go!
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Scribble Hero Nickelodeon Games

Scribble Hero Nickelodeon Games
Scribble Hero Nickelodeon Games
Obtain drawn into an action-packed world when you sign up with the heroic doodle, Sketch, in a fight to save your notebook from an army of ominous scribbles and also evil doodles!

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Doodle Hero costs genuine money for extra in-app material. You could lock out the capability to purchase in-app web content by adjusting your device's settings.

  • Face off versus wicked employers like the fire-breathing Dracopede and also the alien overlord Triblorb on your way to uncovering the ultimate boss of Scribble Hero!
  • Stock your arsenal with awesome weapons like the Doodle Destroyer as well as the Red Marker of Death!
  • Voyage via shocking worlds from middle ages castles to celestial spaces in a mission to save Sketch's girl chum Dot, the prettiest doodle in the pad!

Nickelodeon games : Scrible Hero attributes special hand-drawn graphics, 50 degrees of pure, adrenaline-pumping fun, as well as a lot of boosts, tools and upgrades to collect as well as personalize your experience each time you play. Prepare yourself for doodle-blasting chaos!


  • Simple one-touch controls
  • 50 levels filled up with nonstop capturing activity and also thousands of enemies
  • 10 bad employer beasts
  • Collect coins to open boosts, tombstones, tool upgrades and also added lives.
  • Unique rewind mode lets you fight back as well as create even more chaos if you pass away ahead of time!
  • Use unique weapons to punch holes in the paper and also actually scrub out enemies with an irreversible marker!
  • Survival Mode-- See for how long you could endure versus unlimited waves of enemies!


To download thisi game you can visit the link below

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

TMNT : Rooftop Run Game Download for Kids

#1 App in 80 nations! You can play as Leo, Donnie, Raph, Mikey, or unlockable characters April and Casey Jones in this activity stuffed battle runner with vehicle mode! Run, bounce, battle and drive through New York's perpetual cityscape as you free it from the Foot Clan, Kraang, Dimension X and Baxter Stockman.
TMNT : Rooftop Run Game Download for Kids
TMNT : Rooftop Run Game
Gather vitality spheres to open elite weapons, apparatus, and supports that will keep you one stage in front of the Kraang send. One-touch controls consolidate with ninja moves and shell stunning fights for an epic gaming background. BOOYAKASHA!

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TMNT : Rooftop Run Game Highlights 

  • NEW! Step the Foot with the all new hockey veil wearing, butt-kicking vigilante, Casey Jones 
  • NEW! Shake off adversaries while driving Casey's bike, the Chopper 
  • Drive the Shellraiser through the avenues of New York amid vehicle mode 
  • Jump slopes, smash hindrances and tap to shoot the waste gun at approaching foes 
  • Battle crowds of baddies including the Foot Clan, Kraang, Dimension X and Baxter Stockman 
  • Activate Turtle Time to battle very close in a moderate movement battle grouping 
  • Outfit the Turtles in selective Cyber and Stealth equip 
  • Upgrade with weapons, devices, and helps like the Laserbot and Turtle Saver 
  • Unlock and play as the Turtles' considerable canine enemy Dogpound 
  • Earn rewards from the pizza time smaller than usual diversion 
  • Test your abilities with new in-amusement challenges

Download TMNT : Rooftop Run Game for Kids

If you are interest with this game, you can download using link below

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dora the Explorer: Find Boots Games Download

Join Dora the Explorer from my nickelodeon games as she searches for Boots' red boots in her first intuitive Hide-And-Seek storybook enterprise! Swipe along the bolts to reveal the red things to see what, or who it could be!

In view of the exemplary lift-the-fold book, this enterprise is loaded with tappable enlivened astonishments, music, and 2 energizing extra exercises!

Highlights Dora The Explorer Find Boots!

Dora The Explorer Feature
Dora The Explorer Feature

  • Read alongside Dora - Turn the pages and read alongside highlighted message as Dora the Explorer peruses the story. Search for Boots, and finish the story by uncovering intuitive items, each with their own particular movement 
  • Play Boots' Banana Catch Game - See what number of bananas you can get in every level. Search for the uncommon packs of 3 in each scene. 
  • Make Your Own Story Page - Choose from any of the pages to beautify it with tappable vivified stickers, then spare it to your collection. 
  • Engaging Story with Beautiful Art and Animations - The application includes a unique music and wonderfully represented and energized work of art. 
  • Sharing - Parent can share by means of Email. 

This is the most recent application in the arrangement of Nickelodeon Storybook applications, including Dora's Enchanted Forest, and Dora and Diego's Vacation.

Download Dora Tha Explorer Find Boots Games

If you interest with this kids game, you can download the game using the link below

Dora and Diego's Vacation HD Games Download

Dora and Diego's Vacation HD Games Download
Dora and Diego's Vacation HD Games Download
Explore Dora and Diego's first intelligent story application including 40 energizing, tappable livelinesss and enchanted stickers! Perused along as Dora informs you concerning her enterprises with Diego on a get-away to the campgrounds.

  • Narrated by Dora! 
  • Photo collection springs up! 
  • Tilt the gadget to uncover shrouded layers! 
  • Drag stickers anyplace in the scene! 
  • Stickers move when you put them on their enchantment hotspots! 
  • Tap moving characters or questions see them spring up! 
  • Watch the pages invigorate as you turn them! 

For all the more energizing experiences, search for Dora's Enchanted Forest, Dora the Explorer: Find Boots, and the Team Umizoomi Carnival applications, will be update on My Nickelodeon Games

If you are interesting on this game, you can download using the link below.